Tutorials 2019-04-01T06:33:31-04:00

We’ve prepared a series of video tutorials to guide you through configuring, customizing, and getting started using your BadgeOS installation. Topics include:

Why you should know the big picture before you begin.

A look at the technical side of how BadgeOS rests on WordPress.

Every badge begins as an achievement.

A simple process for populating your achievements.

This is the crucial piece that defines whether achievements are automated or require review.

Themes are like the window dressing of the site, but you have to make sure your users can navigate.

Simple WordPress short codes add functionality.

Never look up a shortcode again; use the WYSIWYG embedder

Widgets on the side add functionality and additional navigation for your users.

Make sure your users can get on your site.

How to turn off the commenting feature.

Have a wall-like activity feed to enhance the social nature.

BuddyPress groups and BadgeOS.