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Example of BadgeOS Customization

BadgeOS back-end extensions enable an infinite number of new achievement possibilities. Together with front-end theme development, BadgeOS lets you craft an experience all your own.

BadgeOS is an operating system for encouraging, assessing and rewarding achievement and engagement. Built from the ground up to be flexible and infinitely expandable, BadgeOS can adapt to the needs of a wide range of environments and scenarios.

It is being used as the basis for experiences at places such as: museums, fitness centers, learning centers, K-12 and higher education learning institutions, online programs, MOOCs and online communities of practice.

BadgeOS Customizations & Extensions

Here are just some examples of extensions and adaptions we’ve made to BadgeOS:

  • SMS integration to trigger steps, achievements, and badges
  • Reward and point redemption
  • Mobile kiosk adaptations for recognition of achievement on site
  • IP printer integration for the printing of rewards, coupons and membership cards 
  • Checkin/Checkout extensions for bounding achievements to a set period of time
  • Social media integration for recognizing and rewarding activity on social networks inside BadgeOS
  • User bookmarking or the declaring of intent to complete activities
  • Activity trigger extensions for a range of custom user activity, such as:
    • Time-of-day requirements
    • Gaming-the-system (GTS) countermeasure parameters
    • Profile updates and other social contributions in system
    • Attendance at live online events
    • Online community engagement and sharing
  • Activity clustering around missions, challenges, or playlists
  • Membership card login / authentication
  • Custom activity streams and leaderboard displays
  • Advanced reports, charts, graphs and other visualizations displaying user progress
  • Enhanced user profiles
  • Kiosk and Web Portal views into system

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