BadgeOS Social Sharing Add-on

BadgeOS Social Sharing

BadgeOS Open Badge add-on adds the open badge integration features in the BadgeOS. It enables the admin to create the verifiable, shareable, portable digital badges. Users have complete control to display their badges wherever they choose – on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Open badges are verifiable, shareable, portable digital badges with embedded metadata about achievements. BadgeOS Open Badge add-on allows you to directly issue Open Badges from your WordPress site. BadgeOS lets your site’s users to complete pre-defined tasks and earn badges that recognize their achievement. The add-on works with the BadgeOS plugin exposing achievements earned as Open Badges. The add-on integrates with the Mozilla Issuer API.


  • Admin can allow/disallow individual badges to be baked as per the OB standards
  • Admin can allow/disallow evidence when allowing open badges
  • Admin can set Assertion, Issuer, Badge, Evidence, and Embed pages
  • Option to send emails on earning Open Badges
  • Option to edit/update email content and header
  • Option to convert existing badges into open badge standards
  • Option to set the expiration time to the open standard badges
  • Option to share badges to social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin)
  • Option to share open badges to another website through an embed link
  • Option to download the baked badges
  • Option to display social sharing popup on badge award
  • Option to display social sharing option with BadgeOS earned achievement shortcode
  • option to display badges to social media from front-end

Credible Open Badges:

You can define how your badge is earned and bake criteria into your badge. You can set Open Badge expiry as well.

Open Badge Verification:

Once the user earned a badge after completing a task. Anyone can verify that badge at IMS Global Open Badges 2.0 Validator or at Open Badges 2.0 Validator.

Congratulation Email:

You can send a congratulation email to the achiever, once he/she earned any achievement. You can use powerful shortcodes to add users open badge information.


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If you have any questions about this addon, feel free to post in our public forum. You may also find answers to questions posted by other users. To read the addon FAQs, you can see the docs section.